DC HiPower
320kW - 640kW

Ultra-fast charging
is finally here.

With a total power output of up to 640 kilowatts, DC HiPower can charge one vehicle at a maximum of 480 kilowatts, or two vehicles synchronously at 320 kilowatts each, making it the fastest EV charger in the world.*

Unleash Super-Fast Charging

Maximum 650-amp liquid cooling cables and low-temperature, fast-charging technology provide up to 400 kilometers of range in just 10 minutes of charging. That means more vehicles charged per day and more satisfied drivers per charge.

World-Class Reliability

DC HiPower is designed for high uptime, helping keep your vehicles charged up and on the road, so you don't have to worry about charging hiccups. Unified hardware and software design minimizes failure rates, enhances maintainability, and guarantees optimal uptime. Vehicle-charger compatibility reaches 99.9%, and the success rate of a one-time charge reaches 99%. Streamlined maintenance with redundant backup modular design enables single-module replacement in just 3 minutes.


640kW Applications
Electric Vehicle Charging


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